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BioStick LightTherapy for Cold Sores & Herpes Simplex

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  • A Revolutionary New, Safe, Chemical-Free Skin Therapy
  • Light-Therapy for Skin
  • Treats Cold Sores, Oral Herpes, Canker Sores, Gingivitis
  • Safe, Chemical-Free Skin Therapy

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Biostick is a personal phototherapy device for the immediate treatment of:

  • cold sores
  • herpes simplex
  • spots
  • pimples
  • acne
  • facial lesions
  • gingivitis
  • mouth ulcers
  • gum ulcers
  • bad breath
  • Bio-Stick is also an affective treatment for acne spots

Therapeutic Activity

BioStick uses a visible red light source with a frequency of 630nm, which is the optimal wavelength for treatment of facial wounds.

The treatment itself is based on the fact that immune cells exposed to 630nm low wavelengths release factors that stimulate the production of healing tissue cells and which enhance wound repair and reduce inflammation. Using BioStick activates the immune system, stimulates the body’s natural healing powers and accelerates the healing process.

Aimed directly at the affected area of the skin, the 630nm light penetrates painlessly and safely up to 1.5cm into the soft cell tissue and so acts on the entire site of inflammation. The immune system is activated, the body’s natural healing powers are stimulated and the healing process accelerated. It is based on the phototherapy principle (treatment with light energy) that uses a visible light source (Red light, 630 nm) at a single band wavelength that stimulates fibroblast proliferation and mediators of wound repair and healing of inflammatory processes.

Now with the BioStick, anyone can carry out this simple highly effective 1-2 minutes long treatment in the comfort of their own home and cure the problem in a matter of days. The BioStick heals naturally, thus is completely safe and absolutely harmless to the skin and to the user’s health.


How To Use BioStick?

Treatment is applied by placing the Biostick with its light source directly on the area to be treated. Use 1-2 minutes, 2-3 times daily. For extreme symptoms, treatment can can be repeated more often without any side effects.

User Advantages

Proven efficiency as an adjunct to conventional therapy
Often effective in cases resistant to conventional therapy
Simple and safe enough for home use
Treatment is painless
No sensation of heat during treatment
Home treatment


Important Features


Uses narrow band non-coherent light
Dispersed beam – far safer than
concentrated-beam systems
Continuous and pulse illumination capabilities
Powerful 18 mw output
Unit design focuses beam on treatment area


Modes of Operation

Continuous wave (CW) – for maximum total power       



Technical Specifications

Wavelength - 630 nm

Beam area at focus 0.5 cm2

Continuous Wave (CW)

Total light power - 12 mW

Power density at focus - Not applicable

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